Powerpoint Reflection 1

To be honest, I haven’t gotten a lot out of the powerpoint lessons yet. Powerpoint is a fairly simple program to use, and a lot of what I’m being taught so far is stuff I already knew how to do. While it’s easy to do, I wish I was getting something out of it.

Powerpoint Reflection 2

Even after finishing this second part of Powerpoint, I don’t feel like I’m being challenged with the lessons. Powerpoint is a fairly simple to understand program, and after doing things with Word and Excel, I’m not having much trouble applying what I know to this set of lessons. However, I have enjoyed doing the “Make It Your Own” projects because they give me more freedom to learn new things that aren’t really a part of the lessons I’ve learned so far.

Computer Literacy Reflection

After finishing Computer Literacy, I can deifnitely say I’ve learned some things I can apply to my other classes and to life in general. In fact, I already have. I’ve made a timeline in powerpoint because it’s easy to move around and use. I used work to make a page of presentation for my English class. I use Word to take notes for my photography class because I can easily highlight and underline. Some of this stuff can be used in the real world.

Excel Chapter 2 Reflection

After finishing Excel, I can at least say I learned a couple things. How to easily add graphs in, the uses for many formulas (after much repetition) and a few other things. I liked the ease at which I was able to go through these lessons and how quick I finished them. Sometimes I like being able to come sit in here and just not think for a while, going through the motions of the instructions for a class period. While I enjoyed Excel, I don’t think it was because I learned a lot.

Excel Reflection

I prefer the Excel Chapters to the Word Chapters because they’re more mindless. I can do them quickly and easily without thinking too much. I’ve learned some new things, but I feel like a lot of what it has us do is repetition so we retain the information. Most of what I’ve gotten out of this is frustration and determination.

The 5th Wave Review

I pulled a couple quotes from the blog I wrote for The 5th Wave, which is one of my favorite books read in the past few months.

The 5th Wave follows a multitude of survivors of the beginning of an alien invasion. They have been through power outages, intentional tsunamis, a plague carried through birds, and an awakening in the bodies of heaps of humans that makes them kill off “their own kind”. Through all this, the few that remain are anything but weak. If you can survive this, you’d be wrong to call them anything but strong. Cassie, “Zombie”, and Evan are all on a mission, similar but different, to survive any coming waves and survive the baggage they still carry from the first four.

WOW! Rick Yancey has some writing skills. He had me hanging on to every word and trying to convince myself I did NOT need to look at the next page (I did anyways). The writing is suspenseful and action packed, and he really created his own world inside the one we live in now.
The story itself really made me think. At times, this plot had me in tears contemplating how all this could happen RIGHT NOW, and that, in the end, really helped me relate to the book. The characters had simple, relatable goals, but different, recognizable personalities. Each character may not have been exactly me, but I could see a little of myself in each character because they were made so basic and yet so real. It’s hard to explain until you read it, but trust me, this is a good thing.

Feel free to check out the rest of the post on NerdGirl Blogs! Happy reading! 🙂

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My Favorite Blog(s)!


After going through all the blogs, I couldn’t pick just one favorite… I have two.

I loved that Shannon’s Blog had effort put forth to blog about something other than class. She’s already started working on blogging about her interests, and it’s really a contrast to everyone else’s. In addition, her site is really organized and her theme i


s relevant to what she’s blogging about without being too distracting.

I also really loved Malia’s Blog because it was something different to look at. I loved the theme and the way it was set up because it was a change of pace for me when looking at all the blogs in one sitting. I really loved the background because it was cute but not too distracting.

My word was diff

My word was different, and my favorite words were organized, effort, captivating, artsy, and striking.

Chapter 4 Reflection

In chapter 4, I learned a lot about making things look professional and neat. I think the drop cap was the coolest thing I learned because I’ve always wondered how they did that when I’m reading books. I think it was interesting to learn all the different ways you can make a document look more appealing and interesting to read. I hope I can find a use for this in my other classes.


To back up all I have to say here and make things even easier to understand, I found two videos that explain what I have to say, without all my personality screaming at you throughout. Number one: <a href=”http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I15SB16/ref=nav_shopall_k_ki”>Amazon’s Kindle Product Tour</a>. The actual video doesn’t have a link so you have to click on the play button on the left side. It goes through the Kindle’s capabilities and in a way compare’s it to books, covering some of the things I did not in this blog. Enjoy:)